Outcomes Study Documents Success of MANSEF Students

A study quantifies some of the successes MANSEF students are achieving, showing that students attending MANSEF schools are achieving better outcomes than a broad sampling of U.S. students with less severe disabilities.

The study, “Post-school Outcomes of Students from MANSEF-Member Nonpublic Special Education Programs up to Three Years After High School,” was conducted by Deborah Carran, Professor of Education at Johns Hopkins University.

The study followed students for three years after graduation and found that students had higher rates of post-secondary education, employment and living independently. And students who had attended nonpublic special education schools had less interaction with the legal system than students with disabilities who attended public schools.

The study found that:

  • 59 percent of MANSEF students surveyed had enrolled in post-secondary education.
  • 53 percent of MANSEF youth surveyed were employed within two years of high school graduation.
  • 13 percent of MANSEF students were living independently.
  • Only 13 percent of MANSEF students had had an interaction with the criminal justice system.

Click here to download the study.