Kennedy Krieger School: Fairmount Campus

Get Directions1750 E. Fairmount Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21231
Baltimore City
Referral Contact(s):
Brooke Shivers
Disabilities Served:
01 - intellectual disability, 06 - emotional disability, 08 - other health impairments, 09 - specific learning disabilities, 10 - multiple disabilities, 13 - traumatic brain injury, 14 - autism
Capacity of Facility:
MSDE Approval Category:
Type I Special Education
Ages Served:
Grade Range:
K through 8
Private Pay Students Accepted:
Before and/or After School Program:
Nurse on-site (full or part time):
Wheelchair Accessible:
Hours of Operation for School Day:
7:55 a.m. - 2:20 p.m. (M, T, Th, F), 7:55 a.m. - 12:25 p.m. (W)
Length of School/Program Year:
10 month, 11 month, extended school year
Program Description:
The Kennedy Krieger School provides comprehensive educational and behavioral services to kindergarten through eighth grade students and is designed to provide effective preparation for students who, in the future, will be seeking either a diploma or a certificate at the high school level. The program is designed to meet the needs of a varied population of students. A best-practice, evidence-based, approach is used to implement curriculum, which focuses upon essential skills and aligns with the Maryland State Curriculum and Common Core Standards. Students are provided instruction in the areas of: Language Arts; Mathematics; Social Studies; Science; Technology; Health; Art and Physical Education. Depending upon the learning needs of each child, reading instruction can include a focus upon phonemic awareness, phonics and/or sight-word methodology. Students utilize the Technology Center along with an abundance of technology resources available within each classroom. These technologies include: interactive, large format, white boards; iPads and desktop computers. These proven and highly motivating devices serve to enhance learning, increase student participation, develop problem solving skills and prepare students for a society which is increasingly dependent upon the effective use of technology. Students are motivated to utilize the schools state of the art, Media and Performance Center. It is here where students experience highly interactive learning, which comes alive by integrating music, art, drama and literacy. Behavioral programming is individualized and designed to replace interfering behaviors with pro-social, replacement behaviors. Positive behavioral intervention supports are woven into the school day, enabling students to increase the amount of time they spend engaged in meaningful, on-task learning.There are currently twenty (20) classrooms within the school. Classrooms have been divided into four (4) separate learning communities. Each community is designed to target and address the specialized programming and environmental needs of a wide range of students we serve at the Kennedy Krieger School: Fairmount Campus. Private Pay Student are accepted: Foreign Nationals only through SEVIS
Related Services:
Speech and language therapy (classroom based and pull out), individual and group psychotherapy, art therapy, music therapy, occupational therapy
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