The Echelon Academy

Get Directions4032 Blackburn Lane
Burtonsville, MD 20866
Montgomery County
Referral Contact(s):
Kelly Mazzeo
Disabilities Served:
04 - speech or language impairment, 06 - emotional disability, 08 - other health impairments, 09 - specific learning disabilities, 14 - autism
Capacity of Facility:
MSDE Approval Category:
Type I Special Education
Ages Served:
Grade Range:
Private Pay Students Accepted:
Before and/or After School Program:
Nurse on-site (full or part time):
Wheelchair Accessible:
Hours of Operation for School Day:
8:30 - 3:00
Length of School/Program Year:
10 month, extended school year, 5 week summer school
Program Description:
Echelon Academy employs the very best research-based strategies and instructional methodologies. Our curriculum content is carefully aligned to the state learning standards. Where necessary, appropriate modifications and adaptations are made to ensure all students can access academic material at personally challenging levels. The Arts are an integral part of our teaching model, allowing students to be taught and assessed through varied means, not confined to paper and pencil measures. Cultivating enriched and engaging educational experiences through literature, music, art, drama, 3-D depiction and movement makes learning interesting and results in higher academic achievement. Research has shown Arts Integration (AI) experiences are seen to be critical to a quality education, and powerfully influence young people in their ability to learn and support future career choices. Therefore, AI is fully embedded every day and as research demonstrates, AI increases achievement levels for all students. Each student at Echelon Academy has a student Blueprint that specifies key learning goals and levels of achievement. Plans are designed by our director, teachers, parents, and students. Learning plans are reviewed and modified as necessary. Weekly, the school faculty meets to discuss and actively manage individual student progress. The Echelon Academy established The Brady Aaron Program for students who require additional support. All publicly funded students are automatically enrolled in The Brady Aaron Program.
Related Services:
Speech, Counseling and Language and Occupational therapies