Who We Are

The Maryland Association of Nonpublic Special Education Facilities (MANSEF) is a not-for-profit organization of 99 nonpublic special education facilities approved by the Maryland State Department of Education. These facilities, throughout Maryland, promote quality services for children and youth with disabilities. They serve more than 3,000 students between the ages of 2 and 21.

MANSEF unites a diverse community of educators, professionals and parents to advocate for the needed continuum of services for children and adolescents with disabilities. MANSEF works in partnership with private/nonpublic special education facilities, families, parent groups, state and local education and government officials and related service professionals.

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MANSEF’s Cardin Scholarship Winners
Every year, MANSEF presents scholarships to help deserving students to pursue academic or enrichment activities through the Michael Cardin Scholarship Fund. This video captures the proud students, families and school representatives at the 2012 awards ceremony.

Who We Serve

Thousands of Maryland students have special needs and require extra services and attention not always available in the public schools. Some students have profound physical or emotional disabilities. Others have autism spectrum disorders, behavioral problems or learning issues.

Throughout the year, those students and their families rely on the state’s nonpublic special education facilities to provide critically needed educational and support services. These special education schools have the experience and expertise to provide high-quality services that are customized to meet each student’s needs. Their well-trained staffs create a rigorous therapeutic learning environment with a singular focus on each child, helping them to advance and grow.

A nonpublic school is the appropriate choice for many Maryland students who are unable to have their needs met in the public schools. These schools serve students ages 2 to 21 with a range of disabilities who require the most intensive services, including • Emotional disabilities • Learning disabilities • Multiple disabilities • Autism • Intellectual disabilities

Our Schools’ Services

In some cases, a student may require one-to-one attention or intensive psychological counseling. Others require ongoing therapy and physical assistance. And social workers at the schools often step in to partner with families to overcome problems that affect a child’s progress in school. Families are engaged and considered an integral part of the child’s education and services in every nonpublic special education facility.

A Record of Success

MANSEF schools are doing a good job of preparing students with disabilities to live productive adult lives. Read about an outcomes study that documents our success.

What We Believe

MANSEF is committed to creating optimum educational opportunities in the least restrictive environment for all Maryland children and youth with disabilities.