Listing Type : MANSEF Schools
County : Montgomery County
Phone : 301-588-8048
Referral Contact : Andy Hubner
Disabilities Served : 04 - Speech or Language Impairment, 08 - Other Health Impairments, 09 - Specific Learning Disabilities, 10 - Multiple Disabilities, 14 - Autism
Length of School/Program Year : 10 month, 6 Week Summer School
Capacity of Facility : 50
Ages Served : 4-13
Grade Range : Junior K-8th
Private Pay Students Accepted : Yes
Setting : Day
Before and/or After School Program : Yes
Nurse on-site (full or part time) : No
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Hours of Operation for School Day : 8:30-3:30
Program Description : The Auburn School’s mission is to grow the social and academic potential of birth students with social and communication challenges. We offer a dynamic educational program for intellectually curious students with challenges in the areas of communication, socialization, pragmatic language, and organization. Our program is appropriate for students who can learn successfully and appropriately in a small classroom setting. Auburn’s program simultaneously supports the development of academic skills, social competency and pragmatic language in an engaging educational environment. Auburn’s program is designed for students who can benefit from these supports, including, but not limited to, students who are diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (ASD), PDD-NOS, Nonverbal Learning Disorder (VLD) or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).
Related Services : Speech, OT and behavior support are integrated in the Auburn Model and provided throughout the day in the classroom for all students. Additional services for speech, OT, Behavior and learning disabilities are available for an additional fee.