Listing Type : MANSEF Schools
County : Washington County
Fax : 301-582-4756
Referral Contact : Paula Hayes
Disabilities Served : 06 - Emotional Disability, 08 - Other Health Impairments
Length of School/Program Year : 10 month, 5 Week Summer School
MSDE Approval Category : Type I General Education, Type I Special Education
Capacity of Facility : 63 (boys only)
Ages Served : 7 - 21
Grade Range : 2 through 12
Private Pay Students Accepted : No
Setting : Day
Before and/or After School Program : No
Nurse on-site (full or part time) : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Hours of Operation for School Day : 8:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Program Description : Cedar Ridge School is located on the 100+ acre campus of Cedar Ridge Children’s Home and School, Inc. The school has a Type I Special Education program that primarily serves students with emotional disabilities and other health impairments. Students may also have learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities or a diagnosis on the autism spectrum. The Type I General Education program predominantly serves male students who have been placed in the Cedar Ridge Children’s Home. These students may or may not have an IEP. Students are co-mingled to maximize the benefits of both programs. Cedar Ridge provides a safe, nurturing environment that is highly structured and predictable, with low student-to-staff ratios. A school-wide, positive behavioral management system is utilized, which incorporates social skills training and natural consequences, as well as crisis management as needed. We make every effort to partner with parents and any agency working with enrolled students in order to help each student make academic, emotional, social, and behavioral growth. Curriculum, based upon state-approved standards is utilized along with resources from local counties such as Washington County Public Schools to provide the most appropriate instructional materials for our students, taking into consideration the individual needs of each student. Elementary and middle school students receive instruction in Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Other learning opportunities may include reading intervention, art projects, keyboarding exercises, social skills training, and student service-learning activities. High school students receive instruction for all required courses in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies, as well as PE, Health/Life Skills, Fine Arts, and Foundations of Technology. Career Research and Development is the current completer for graduation. Remediation intervention programs are made available on an ongoing basis. Whenever possible, Cedar Ridge School endeavors to prepare students to succeed in a less restrictive environment, whether that is a public school setting or a community-based work program.
Related Services : Individual and group counseling are built into the program, utilizing a variety of modalities that include experiential learning, access to animals and nature, exploring vocational interests through community involvement, as well as traditional talk and play therapies. Washington County Public Schools provides speech and occupational therapy services as needed and the school has a nurse available to oversee medication and other health related concerns.