Listing Type : MANSEF Schools
County : Prince George's County
Phone : 301-429-6191
Fax : 301-429-6194
Referral Contact : Erica Harris, Kim Cherry
Disabilities Served : 01 - Intellectual Disability, 04 - Speech or Language Impairment, 08 - Other Health Impairments, 09 - Specific Learning Disabilities, 10 - Multiple Disabilities, 14 - Autism
Length of School/Program Year : 10 month, Extended School Year, 5 Week Summer School
MSDE Approval Category : Type I Special Education
Capacity of Facility : 150
Ages Served : 8 - 21
Grade Range : 3 through 12
Private Pay Students Accepted : No
Setting : Day
Before and/or After School Program : No
Nurse on-site (full or part time) : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Hours of Operation for School Day : 8:00 a.m. to 2:40 p.m.
Program Description : High Road Academy of Prince George’s County is approved by the Maryland State Department of Education as a nonpublic educational program, serving the instructional and behavioral needs of students with specific learning disabilities, autism and other academic and social differences in a supportive and structured environment. The High Road Schools build the confidence and competence of our students through individualized academic and behavioral interventions. The program offers personalized, interactive, multi-sensory instruction in reading, math, writing, and content areas. Each highly individualized student plan is designed with a focus on reaching the highest standards possible in keeping with the State Curriculum. Students earn credits toward a Maryland High School Diploma or a Certificate of Completion. In addition to students with Specific Learning Disabilities, High Road Academy also serves students with Autism, Speech and Language Impairment, Other Health Impaired, and with secondary Emotional Impairment. High Road Academy students are afforded a highly individualized, multi-sensory academic program based on careful assessment of strengths and needs. Pre- and post-test measures for word identification; word attack; vocabulary; comprehension; spelling; writing; math calculation; math problem solving; listening comprehension; receptive and expressive language; auditory processing; and memory provide the basis for instruction, materials, and intervention decisions. Primary emphasis is placed on intensive remedial reading programs, such as: Orton-Gillingham Based Programs, Seeing Stars by Lindamood-Bell, Language! Comprehensive Literacy Curriculum; Glass Analysis; Rewards; Morphographs; Software Programs: Fast forWord; Lexia; I Ready; Skills Tutor; Inspiration; Read Naturally & Other Fluency Programs; Guided Strategic Reading; Content Enhancement Strategies; FRAMING Routine; Unit Organizers; Visualizing & Verbalizing.
Related Services : Individual and group counseling, transitional services, occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, and behavior management.