Listing Type : MANSEF Schools
Location : Maryland / Baltimore County
County : Baltimore County
Phone : 667-600-3000
Fax : 410-561-8109
Referral Contact : Michael Dunphy, 667-600-3017
Length of School/Program Year : 12 month
MSDE Approval Category : Type III
Capacity of Facility : 11
Ages Served : 4 - 15
Grade Range : Pre-K through 8
Private Pay Students Accepted : Yes
Setting : Residential
Before and/or After School Program : No
Nurse on-site (full or part time) : Yes
Wheelchair Accessible : Yes
Hours of Operation for School Day : 8:45 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.
Program Description : The Diagnostic Prescriptive Program is a non-public, educational program, approved under COMAR13A.09.10 -educational programs in non-public schools and child care and treatment facilities. It provides a transitional, instructional program not to exceed an average of 60 school days to students who are placed in The Diagnostic Units at St. Vincent’s Villa, a residential program licensed by the Maryland Department of Human Resources. The educational program is vital to the program’s overall mission of providing a structured and supportive environment to address developmental, psychological, social, or behavioral issues. The Diagnostic Prescriptive Program provides a comprehensive assessment of students' strengths and weaknesses as well as a specific plan for remediation of a student's assessed deficits. Additional services provided include: individual, family, and group therapy, psychological and educational testing, psychiatric services, health services and speech and language services. The person responsible for overseeing the daily operation of the educational program is the Educational Director/Program Coordinator.
Related Services : A Diagnostic/Prescriptive teacher who provides educational testing, a psychologist who provides psychological testing, the school placement coordinator who provides liaison with the student’s next educational placement, and a speech and language pathologist who provides an initial screening to all students referred by the diagnostic prescriptive teachers. In addition, a certified special education teacher and instructional aides assist with academic and behavioral issues in the classroom. The school is located within the St Vincent’s Villa building adjacent to the Diagnostic Unit.